Bodymaps: seas, lakes and swimming pools

by Michał Koszek, photos by Anna Grzelewska
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Bodymaps is a new swimwear brand established by Ewa Stepnowska. Her aim is to celebrate things she appreciates during summer – seas, lakes and swimming pools.

Summer 2015 collection tells a story of simple and feminine forms. Ewa got inspired by the collage of things, colours and structures which recur in holiday memories. Rough tiles at the bottom of swimming pool, sticky cotton candy and the airbads floating on the water resemble the atmospheric postcards sent from Polish beach resorts – colourful windbreaks in Świnoujście, caravans, Brda lodges… Let’s go back in time.

How were you spending your holidays when you were a child?

I remember it as a long and exciting time. When I was little my parents would take me and my brother to the seaside – tiny villages just next to the sea – there was a camping, a forest and nothing else. I remember feeding camping dogs and making sand-bakerys on the beach. We had our own camping caravan to live in. It stayed in our garden for the rest of the year, and I loved playing in it. 

Other than that – I grew up in a village 30 minutes ride from Warsaw, where there is an artificial lake that was made in the sixties. It’s a weekend destination for many people from the city. In the childhood we would bike to the lake, make our feet wet and go home.


What’s the most important for you during holidays now, when you are a grown-up?

To have time to enjoy the place I’m in. Real holidays always have to be by the water – a sea, a lake, a river. Preferably doing nothing.

What does Bodymaps mean? How to read the signals body sends? 

I believe that holidays are for the body – to rest, to focus on the physical part of you. On the other hand there are maps, that symbolize excitement and adventure. We didn’t really think of that name as the maps of the body, but we thought it captured the sensual as well as adventurous part of having the time off.


What were you thinking about during working on the collection? 

I created a moodboard full of vintage postcards, family pictures from the holidays and I was looking for the similarities and structures. That’s where the pool mosaic and wave print came from. I created it in three colour variations, inspired by how the light changes during the day – there is a pastel and dark yellow print called Daybreak, a very bright option with a red accent called Noon and darker version called Dusk. 

The goal of the whole inspiration process was to crate a mood that would say something about women in my neighbourhood. How we like to spend our time, who we are, who we want to be, what we want to feel when we go on vacation. I don’t think that we can really identify with the perfect tanned super skinny models in neon swimsuits that we pass on the billboards. I wanted to create something for women I know. Also, I took a lot of inspiration from talking to women about their habits and what they like. 

Which of the worldwide beaches is the best one to put Bodymaps swimwear on?

No doubt – the Baltic sea beaches.