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Honor by Studio Dessuant Bone

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Nestled in the courtyard of Comme Des Garcon’s Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré store in Paris, Studio Dessuant Bone has designed ‘Honor’, an outdoor indpendent specialty coffee shop.

Studio Dessuant Bone was approached by coffee specialists and founders Daniel and Angelle Warburton to transform Comme Des Garcon’s courtyard into an outdoor cafe space that would change the cafe landscape within the area and create a unique, creative and enjoyable experience.

Studio Dessuant Bone’s global approach was driven by creating a visual language reflecting the pride and celebration of making craft coffee within a subtle understanding and integration of the historical and geographical environment.

The design of the space has a voluntarily opening roof that is transparent in order to keep the feeling of being outside by achieving the maximum amount of natural light during the day. The black and white stained wood emphasise the natural and warm aesthetic of the kiosk exposing the wood grain. The metal bars is symbolic of materials you find in workshops and highlights the craft behind making artisan coffee.