New Translation by Diana Jankiewicz

by Michal Koszek, photos: Aleksandra Pavoni, Grzegorz Hospod
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Diana Jankiewicz ss 2015 collection called “New Translation” is mostly about reconstruction of the traditional trench coat.

However the trench coat – Diana’s speciality – is not the end of the collection inspired by the cult film “Lost in Translation”. This season Jankiewicz analizes the feeling of alienation, emptiness and loneliness. Mental process led her to the author’s translation of the definitions of design. As a result, Diana’s trench coat should be rather called the “new trench coat” and the same should be done with the rest of her projects.

Thanks to the colours: sea green, gray beige, gray blue, milky white, fiery orange and washed-out blue combined with the fabrics: cotton, silk satin, silk organza and silk twill the collection is smooth and complete.

I was amazed by the Campanas Azul Trousers and Marina dress. Bell-shaped Campanas Azul is the double-layer pants in gray-blue, with the bottom layer made of silk satin and the cover layer (wider) of transparent organza. Marina is a long dress with short sleeves made of white cotton. It can be tied up at the weist and has large pockets at the hip.