Sezon x ShowOFF Section. Krakow Photomonth 2015

by Ala Caban
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Krakow Photomonth 2015 is behind us but we would like to present you some laureates of ShowOFF Section.

The ShowOFF Section is a contest conducted for artists from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe who are debuting on the contemporary photography scene. This year’s curatorial team comprised Marta Kołakowska (Gallery Leto), three photographers: Michael Ackerman, Martin Kollar, Igor Omulecki and Ania Nałęcka from Tapir Book Design. They selected nine emerging artists: Ilias Georgiadis, Helio Leon, Łukasz Kuś, Gabriel Orłowski, Wiktor Dąbkowski, Michał Smandek, Dorotka Kaczmarek, Anna Zagrodzka and Yulia Krivich (book), whose works were presented during the festival. It was the first time that all the exhibitions of the young artists was held in one, specially designed space. Visitors therefore were able to compare the various projects with each other. We chose four young artists whose works particularly attracted our attention.

Dorotka_Kaczmarek_bez tytulu 2_72dpi

Dorotka Kaczmarek, Untitled 2, from the series All That We See or Seem, 2015. © Dorotka Kaczmarek. Courtesy of the artist

Dorotka Kaczmarek (born 1990, Gdańsk)

She graduated from history of art at the University of Warsaw as well as from the Academy of Photography in Warsaw. In her works she tests the possibilities of the photographic medium, mostly using digital manipulation. She searches for unusual combinations of textures and objects, and likes to use illusion and deformation.

Curator: Igor Omulecki

Michał_Smandek_03, Stromboli (1), seria Prognostyk_72dpi.jpg

Michał Smandek, Stromboli (1), from the series Prognostic, 2013. © Michał Smandek. Courtesy of the artist

Michał Smandek (born 1981, Ruda Śląska)

He works with sculpture and installation. He believes that every material and every space can be used for sculpture, but everything depends on the method, idea and form that we choose. During his travels he looks for inaccessible places, which become a background for his land art activities. He has taken part in exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. He lives and works in Katowice.

Curator: Martin Kollar

Gabriel Orłowski, Tissue, from the series Hyper, 2014. © Gabriel Orłowski. Courtesy of the artist

Gabriel Orłowski, Tissue, from the series Hyper, 2014. © Gabriel Orłowski. Courtesy of the artist

Gabriel Orłowski (born 1989, Warsaw)

He is a photographer and musician also working with video, and a student and scholarship-recipient at Łódź Film School. He has exhibited his work in Poland and France, and has published in various European magazines. He is interested in issues of post-modernity and corporeality, as well as the philosophy and theory of the image.

Curator: Marta Kołakowska

Yulia Krivich_Przeczucie_Bez tytułu 5_300DPI_JPG

Yulia Krivich, Untitled 5, from the series Presentiment, 2014 © Yulia Krivich. Courtesy of the artist

Yulia Krivich (born 1988, Dnipropetrovsk)

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2013) and the Construction and Architecture Academy in Dnipropetrovsk (2010). She won the main award at Coming Out – Best Graduation Projects of the Academy of Fine Arts 2013. She works with the Ukrainian Photography Alternative (UPHA) association. Her work addresses the topic of the younger generation in post-Soviet regions. The form of the book she published is a ‘logical’ consequence of how Yulia tells her story. It is based on unfinished statements, tensions in the spaces between defined concepts, shifts and paradoxes.

Curator: Ania Nałęcka

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