Zosia in Wonderland

by Michał Koszek
Waiting for somebody to like it
Do you?

Zosia Osińska has just graduated from Fashion Department at Faculty of Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Tilda Swinton’s statement was one of her inspirations: ‘Maybe the interesting thing about clothes is that people live in them and that there’s nothing else really to be said’, Swinton told the press. Zosia’s final collection is about people who want to escape from the system and those who look for deeper relations.

Zosia Osińska’s BA Diploma at Fashion Department
photo: Katarzyna Balicka
make up: Anna Maria Zieja
model: Iza Michalska / Uncovermodels
shoes: Piniak

What were you thinking about while working on your graduate collection?

The idea came out from an article I found in the Internet which was titled Google’s Secretive DeepMind Startup Unveils a „Neural Turing Machine. It was about DeepMind that had built a neural network that could access an external memory like a conventional Turing machine. As the result, the computer mimicked the short-term memory of the human brain. My collection is about those who want to escape from this system, about people who look for deeper relations than the ones showed at ‘Her’ movie by Spike Jonze.

After her performance in The impossible wardrobe (a performance that turns fashion into art), where she co-stared with Olivier Saillard, Tilda Swinton told the press about deep relations we build with clothes and about the memories triggered by the things we wear. She said: ‘Maybe the interesting thing about clothes is that people live in them and that there’s nothing else really to be said’. Her statement was inspiring for me. When we wear something for a long time it begin to fit better to our body.


I had as well a lot of visual inspirations. Usually I get inspired by the images I see at the museums, galleries, albums, magazines or just pics found by an accident in the Internet. When I put these images together, they start to tell some story. Sometimes my moodboard consists of several representative images. This time it was a photography by Franz Erhard Walther called Sweater Patch, where two different structures place together in a nice and unusual way. Second important image was a photo of Georgia O’Keeffe, taken in her studio. She is wearing a simple coat which looks like a kimono with a belt. There is also a background painting in the photo. I like this simplicity of the garments put together with the abstract painting. I tried to translate this abstraction into my fabric treatment. Collages that I created mainly by erasing were also important for my work. Thanks to it I have reached irregular shapes made by an accident.

While I was working on my collection, I was thinking about people who want to live beyond time and place. I don’t want to say that new technologies are worthless. I have used them even to create this collection. I still think that Internet is one of the best sources of inspirations. But what I would like to say is that we should use new technologies in more unconventional way.


Tell us about your fabrics. 

Textiles were very important part of my work. I designed and created all of them by myself. I searched for different techniques to show varied structures. I used craftwork such as felting or weaving as well as new technologies like 3D printing or flock. Every fabric is a result of a long process. I made my own fabrics for coats and jackets and I manipulated fabrics for the under-layers as well.

Which of the garments from your collection would you choose to wear in your everyday life? 

When I was working on my pieces, I always tried them on. I felt really good in weaved white and blue jacket. Oversized trousers were very comfortable as well. For some occasions I could imagine myself in all of the dresses. I also like the bags.


What will you remember the most from  your graduate collection?

Weaving all the time and working on the fabrics. But the best afterglow I will remember for really long time would be the photoshoot. Looking at a model who fitted perfectly with the clothes and working with such talented people in the interior – I found it something amazing.

What are you planning to do now, when you are a graduate?

I am going to look for a job. I want to apply to for design and textile design studios abroad. I would prefer to work at the small one cause usually at studios like these you work in a more creative way. I have gained nice experience from working at Kostas Murkudis Studio in Berlin where I did internship twice, but actually I’m open for many different opportunities as I think that every experience is very valuable.