Sezon Mag is the most inspiring Polish magazine.


Sezon Mag is a Warsaw based interdisciplinary project dedicated to fashion, business and art, founded by Magdalena Linke-Koszek, the winner of ‘Kick Into Fashion Industry’ prize granted during Art & Fashion Festival by Grażyna Kulczyk. Sezon Mag was appreciated by many authorities (Hanna Rydlewska and Marcin Różyc among many) and was awarded by professional media and platforms (i-D and Cover Junkie feautured stories about the magazine).

Sezon Mag is divided into few departments (Art, Business & Technology, People, Beauty, Travel) and each of them is analyzed through the lens of fashion. The magazine, designed by Kaja Kusztra, was chosen by design anthology P+Ctrl as one of the best designed projects in Poland.

Fashion editorials produced by Sezon Mag and created by the most talented artists are the important part of the magazine. Beside the print version, Sezon Mag team run the website, presenting interesting photo shootings, interviews and news.

Founded in 2014, Sezon follows important idea – fashion is aesthetics.